How to Prove You Are an Expert

Chances are that you’re already an expert in your field. If you’ve been doing whatever it is you specialise in for a few months or years, Vintage Omega you already know more than the average person about your subject.

You can check this yourself by reading an article or two online or in a general newspaper or magazine. The more times you think “I already know that” or “that’s not quite right”, YTMP3 the closer you are to being an expert.

So how can you prove to other people that you’re an expert in your field?

Forum posts

If there’s an online forum that covers your subject area – and there probably is – then regularly post in that.

Not in a bragging way, Youtube to MP3 just in a generally useful way that proves you know what you’re talking about and answers whatever question was asked succinctly and accurately.

It won’t take many posts for other people to recognise that you do actually know what you’re talking about. Then they’ll start to approach you because you’ve proved your worth.

It’s a nicely understated way of proving that you’re an expert and, hogar since at least some of your competition will be bragging and hyping things up, it’s often one of the best ways to gain trust.

Video posts

YouTube is thought to be the second biggest search engine. Added to that, buy magic mushrooms online it regularly shows up in Google search results.

Videos don’t have publicawareness to be expensive with high production values. The camera on your mobile phone is more than adequate. Or you can follow the style I use which is mainly screen capture or even just talking over a Powerpoint style presentation. There’s cheap software around to do that – Screencast-o-matic is really affordable and works well.


Articles can appear on your own website, food for diabetic patient in article directories like this one or – once you’ve begun to prove you’re an expert – as guest posts on other people’s websites.

They give you a chance to go in depth and to inform people who prefer to read rather than watch.

There’s a mystique about the written word. People seem to think that it’s difficult and that you have to be clever to write.

Whilst there is almost nothing further from the truth, that kind of mystique means that if you’ve written a number of articles about a subject, passive income side hustles a lot of people will automatically assume that you’re an expert in your field.


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