Different Types of Russian Nesting Dolls to Collect

If you have decided that would like to start collecting Russian Nesting Dolls, keep in mind there are several different types, and several different price ranges that are available. Have fun while you are looking at all of the selections that are available and remember this collection is for you. You decide on what looks unique to you and then have fun with all the ways you can display your new collection of collectible Russian Dolls.

Collectible Russian Folk Art & Russian Tales Nesting Dolls

These types of dolls are the more traditional dolls. These are what everyone thinks of when they think of Russian nesting dolls. These are hand painted in Russia, realdetroitweekly and are very colorful and have very elaborate detail. Some have white paint and gold foil embellishments creating a stunning contrast against the dark-stained background of the wood burned doll. Some have a Russian Tale associated with them, and carry the name perhaps of the “Littlest Matryoshka Doll”, “Semenov Doll”, or may simply be called an “Art Doll”.

Collectible Animal Lovers Russian Dolls

These animal dolls make perfect gifts for all of the animal lovers. Not only can you find their favorite animal they collect, bankdeets but you can give it in the form of a nesting doll. These dolls are usually fairly affordable, and vary in size and number. Some of these dolls can come in very small sizes so would not be suitable for small children. These small dolls are not toys, but rather a gift to give or display. You can find horse, dolphin, panda, and a new version of the Golden Retriever nesting doll.

Educational and Occupational Dolls

These are always fun to collect or give as gifts. If you know of someone who is a teacher, Doctor, Nurse, Veterinarian, or any other occupation, you might just be in luck finding a doll for them. Some of the educational dolls consist of nesting cars, Space Shuttle, Civil War Generals, Russian presidents, and even the latest American presidents.

Religious Dolls

Some of the most famous cities and cathedrals in Russia have been transformed into the most beautiful scenes on these types of Nesting Dolls. You can find many different types of Monastery Dolls, Saints, Apostles, and Angels on these elaborate works of art. Noah’s Ark makes a perfect backdrop on a nesting doll that can re-tell the story when each doll is opened to reveal even more animals from the ark. There are also Nativity Scenes, Mangers scenes, and a set of the Holy Family. For more info please visit here:-https://elderlytimes.com/ https://holisticly.com/ https://healthaccess.com/

Christmas and Holiday Dolls

These dolls are some of the best sellers. You just can’t resist all of the different types of Santa’s, International Christmas, Father Frost, Christmas Carol, Snowmen, Nutcracker, Nativity Scene, and Christmas Eve Nesting Dolls. You can now even find the “Charlie Brown Christmas” Nesting Doll. There is sure to be something here for everyone on your list. Another holiday you can find when looking for Nesting dolls, is Halloween. You can find Halloween Cats, and even the “Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” Set of Nesting Dolls.

If you are just beginning your collection or have been collecting for years, ddm the artists in Russia continue the tradition of hand painting these works of art so that you can always find something that is unique and beautiful that will fit perfectly into your collection.

Sherry Cox is an experienced doll collector with expert knowledge on many doll artists and several different lines of collectible dolls. As an avid collector herself, she writes a monthly syndicated column answering many of your questions on doll collecting, determining the value of your dolls, 24dollsde new doll releases, new doll artists, and many other topics that collectors have.


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