Coffee Tables – Where Have All Their Books Gone?

There you are. Sitting in a living room or waiting room with nothing to do. And there it is. Sitting on one of the coffee tables is that voluminous book you’ve seen so many times before, coffee tables filled with lovely photos of classic cars, the Grand Canyon or the moon. You can’t help yourself. You have to look at it.

Blame David R. Bower for your weakness for coffee table books. When David was the Executive Director of the Sierra Club, he must have seen an opportunity in the 1960s when coffee tables could be found in every living room and waiting room in America. These large expanses of wood begged to be used for something more than just a cup of coffee and David had the answer: The modern coffee table book. Parguruan tinggi

His first book, “This is the American Earth,” instantly found its way to American coffee tables. Families that had never even heard of photographer Ansel Adams were suddenly enraptured by his work.

After 20 editions of his “Exhibit Format” series were published, tiernahrung-friebe more oversized books flooded the marketplace. Books designed for coffee tables ranged from photography and art to history, nature and entertainment. They all had one thing in common: Heavy on imagery and light on content so you could easily thumb through them without becoming so enraptured that you forgot why you were visiting the book’s owner in the first place.

The venerable coffee table book even Dank carts became a piece of pop culture with the famous episode of “Seinfeld” when Kramer came up with the seemingly crazy idea of creating a coffee table book about coffee tables.

Today, you can still get coffee table books. But if these odes to grandeur and deforestation don’t grab you anymore, you can go high tech and enjoy them in an entirely different way.

Coffee tables can rejoice in a new found role, thanks to the advent of coffee table books on CD or DVD. Instead of a huge stack of books covering up every square inch of your table, mr mushies you can bring out your laptop and enjoy these multimedia wonders, complete with the traditional text and photos along with video.

Instead of thumbing through a 500-page book on The Civil War, you can enjoy a multimedia version complete with video battle re-enactments, original correspondence between Lincoln and his generals and audio remembrances. It’s all in a couple of disks that slip nicely into your coffee table’s drawers when not in use. Not only do you save a couple of trees in the process, but, you actually have room on your table to set a cup of coffee.

And if you really yearn for a book on coffee tables, you can come close. If you search for “Seinfeld, coffee tables” on the Internet, you may just come across an exclusive DVD Gift Box containing all the episodes of Seinfeld in a handsome collector’s box. Yes, you guessed it. In a nod to Kramer’s crazy idea, it’s shaped like a coffee table.


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