How to Sell a House in an Economic Crisis – Get The Most For Your Property

Make the property appealing for the potential buyer/valuer

Make the property adriancochieci appealing for the potential buyer/valuer To achieve the maximum equity potential requires a bit of effort from you. Basically you have to make sure the property is in a desirable state. This does not mean spending several hundreds or thousands of pounds adding bling to your house.

Simply spending some time and little money on cosmetic improvements like a fresh coat of paint, general tidy up and de-cluttering can do the trick. However, jobzipk if you do wish to spend money then spend it on the kitchen and bathroom, as this will add the greatest value to your house. If you are on a budget would suggest clearing both the back and front garden, dressing property with picture frames, mirrors and making sure it smells nice with plug in air fresheners – amazingly all these items can be bought from local stores etc.

You have heard the old cliché ‘First Impressions Count’ well whoever comes to look at your house, thefantasytimes be it estate agent, surveyor or importantly your property has to be desirable.

As mentioned earlier in the report most buyers are looking 25-30% off the valuation price. So it is an absolute imperative you maximise the potential valuation of your house. Make sure there are no off-putting distractions, adriancochieci i.e. Holes in walls, incomplete DIY attempts – since the valuer will be comparing your property against other similar properties on the market and determining its value, houseofbling which in most cases is subjective.

Note: In an economic crisis valuations will be conservative. The onus is on you to ensure your property is well maintained and presentable – so clean that garden, paint where necessary, ameriagency spray some fragrance etc. This can make a significant difference and get that fast property sale.

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